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Feb 24, 2013 1:30pm EST
against the other guys. craig: one cowboy has gotten it done, the local favorite, luke snyder. 91.5 points on king lopez. >> still to come, jordan huff climbs aboard rfd-hd. 'cuz unless you'r usin' your truck to deliver pizza's ... you ain't gettin' anything done without it. torque is power. it pulls trailers. hauls dirt. drags boulders. torque is what gets the cap off your beer. and only the ford f-150 with ecoboost has the best combination of torque and fuel economy. think about that. introducing the new 2013 f-150. (mapolaris hasr) hunwhat you want:ail, legendary atvs led by the powerful sportsman 850 h.o., value-minded side-by-sides featuring the new ranger 800 midsize, and full-size workhorses, including the all new class-leading 60-horsepower ranger xp 900 with industry-leading torque, towing, and travel. polaris: hardest-working, smoothest-riding. craig: march madness is right around the corner. coming up, doubleheader of college basketball action. the navy takes on notre dame. followed by number four michigan state against number 18 ohio state coming up right here on cbs sports. li
Feb 10, 2013 11:15pm EST
do for new year's? >> coach said you're just like cool hand luke. do you know when cool hand luke did? >> he must be pretty cool. >> that was good, yeah. >> i don't know who that is. >> so my political correct answer is no comment a lot of times. >> tell us more about cool hand luke now. >> i have not watched cool hand luke yet. i know, i know, but we'll see. i heard it's a pretty bad-a movie. political correct. that's a great thing that i can actually go out on the field and look london fletcher in the eyes and know that i'm about to complete a pass on him. >> robert, before you met -- >> don't tell him i said that. >> i don't know if you guys saw the wave, i waved to you guys. just letting you guys know i'm okay. >> you never go somewhere expecting people to chant your name. at least, i never have. i don't know about you guys. >> i don't know if any of you guys have ever been to the doctor, but -- like i said, i'm good for one every time. >> good comedic timing. many times athletes are understandably guarded, but here's a guy who doesn't mind showing that side. apparently he doesn't
Feb 15, 2013 2:30am PST
treating the first lady to flower prs the rose garden. during a news conference, luke russert asked speaker john boehner about his valentinvalen day plans. >> of course, luke asked that. we love luke. >> luke's the man. >>> so, change gears to a little late night, bill, jerry seinfeld made a special appearance on david letterman last night. take a look. >> there's a new announcement in the movie theater mixed in with the trailers, please pick up the garbage from around your seat after the movie, oh, okay. maybe i'll bring my orange jumpsuit with a wooden stick with a nail in, too. i'm not picking it up. i'm the one that threw it down. why i would throw it down and then pick it up? there is an agreed upon deal. between us and the movie theater people whoever they are and that deal is understood by every single person in this room the deal is, you're ripping us off. okay? we get it. we're fine with it. overpriced, oversized stuff that we shouldn't be eating. in exchange for that, when i'm done with something, i open my hand. >> he started a little slow. >> i'm guilty. i'm guilty, too. >> you'
Feb 5, 2013 9:00am PST
the straight dope is die hard kanye west fan nbc's luke russert. i say that, my friend, because we couldn't play the actual track, but i wanted america to know. >> because you won't pay the money for the royalties. it's okay. someday we'll get there. >> i didn't say that. luke, i -- we led into this with the promise of straight dope, and i ask you, my friend, what's going to happen in the house on immigration? as i highlighted just now, there are some members of the house caucus that seem, shall we say, not moving towards the center on this issue. eric cantor seems to be changing his song a little bit, and the hearings themselves would seem to indicate a party that wants to reform itself in ernest on reform. >> after the bipartisan agreement on the senate to a pathway to citizenship that was endorsed by marco rubio of all people, the onus is really on what the house of representatives will do. >> house speaker john boehner, he had three occasions. he declined to endorse a pathway to citizenship overtly. that doesn't mean he won't support it in the future, but he just sort of said, look, w
Feb 9, 2013 2:30am PST
of directors to see what they think. luke williams is the executive director of the berkeley center for entrepreneurship and innovation at new york university's sterns school of business and norm bradsky is the founder of eight successful businesses, including a few he ran with family members, he's now an "inc. magazine" columnist. great to see both of you guys. >> great to see you. >> as i said before, i work with my brother and i would not partner with anyone else. we have such a good relationship because i trust him and he trusts me because we are family members. you, though, norm, you had a different experience? >> i've had two experiences, the first one with was my brother-in-law who i eventually had to fire and it caused a rift in the family for 20 years. so that's the bad part. the second was with my wife, who worked with me for also 20 years and helped me build a pretty successful business. >> based on these two experiences, what advice do you have for people who want to go into business with their family? >> in the end, i will tell you my two daughters have been told they c
Feb 12, 2013 9:00pm PST
's luke's team anyway? well, you may have seen them on youtube under "boy stuck in batting helmet" or "pitcher beans self." ugh. (sighs) but a few of them went through puberty early this year, so... they say it's because of hormones in our milk. but whatever it is, they really jacked up. luke and manny's team tied for the final spot in the playoffs, but since nobody was expecting it, all the fields were booked. the other team wanted to settle with a coin flip.
Feb 13, 2013 11:00pm EST
. luke's lane. the man is expected to make it. and policesay this morning we had a stabbing tied to a robbery on the two hundred block of south avenue. the victim was stabbed you multiple times and is now in stable condition. >> well they're cabin burned to the ground with a suspected cop killer inside and tonight the woman who owned that cabin is speaking out. coming up, how she learned that christopher dorner was possibly barricaded in her home. >> what will be left in the wake of this weather maker. i'v me now, abc2 news working for you tonight with how you can get that cell phone bill under 50 dollars a month. >> we'll be back in 60 seconds. if you have a carnival cruise bookd listen up, the company is cancelling 12 more voi aa.j.s. this doesn't include people leaving from baltimore. anengine room fire sunday left a boat adrift at sea with no power. there are reports of flooded rooms and sewage filled hallways. >> everyone here -- no one here at carnival is happy about the conditions aboard the ship. weare very sorry about what is taking place. >> earlier this week carn
Feb 17, 2013 6:30pm EST
angeles area player. here's luke donald i thought might work his way into it but he's three over on the final round. nick: took a seven on one hole so nothing happened today. got a couple of cruel putts with no margin for error coming up. jim: which one is the harder of the two? nick: definitely freddy. it's a five-footer and it's probably on the left edge perfect. jim: is it that much david? david: yeah, it will certainly wander to the right. you could hit it firmer if you wanted, i suppose. but right now inside the hole, decent pace. nick: that was a quick read, wasn't it? one quick look. david: yeah, he's had a plan. nick: yeah he's a great green reader. anyway, this to tie. jim: oh! nick: wow. jim: the nervous miss is always left. nick: he's hold some brilliant putts, especially today, all week and you get the one nervy one you really need and the stroke failed him. jim: that's always been his calling card, the swedish seve, brilliant on the greens. and now merrick. this to match beljan in the clubhouse at 11 under. there you go. final-roun
Feb 12, 2013 11:00pm EST
in and out of the antennas in the steeple at st. luke's church episcopal church. they were hoisted to examine it when the truck on which the crane is based apparently tipped over. jim perkins was operating the crane from the truck. >> how it's not supposed to, and when i looked down, it looked like the rear outrigger was compressing. >> the rear outrigger is the rear left leg that is supposed to stabilize the truck while the crane is being deployed. perkins felt the truck tipping over toward him. >> i got the guys as close to the roof as i could. >> the bucket carrying the two other workers swung in the air. preschoolteacher, meredith preston, watched from the playground, which is on the north side of the church. >> i happened to be looking up there and all of a sudden, i saw the bucket swing and the bucket slammed into the steeple and then it started -- it slammed into the steeple and went out of my sight. >> bucket carrying the workers landed hard on the church's roof, slightly injuring the men, according to witnesses. four-year-old fiona was also on the playground when the crane came
Feb 17, 2013 6:30pm EST
. but a los angeles-born player has never won the northern trust open. los angeles area player. here's luke donald, i thought might work his way into it but he's three over on the final round. nick: took a seven on one hole so nothing happened today. got a couple of cruel putts with no margin for error coming up. jim: which one is the harder of the two? nick: definitely freddy. it's a five-footer and it's probably on the left edge perfect. jim: is it that much, david? david: yeah, it will certainly wander to the right. you could hit it firmer if you wanted, i suppose. but right now inside the hole, decent pace. nick: that was a quick read, wasn't it? one quick look. david: yeah, he's had a plan. nick: yeah, he's a great green reader. anyway, this to tie. jim: oh! nick: wow. jim: the nervous miss is always left. nick: he's hold some brilliant putts, especially today, all week and you get the one nervy one you really need and the stroke failed him. jim: that's always been his calling card, the swedish seve, brilliant on the greens. and now merrick. this to match beljan in the clubhouse at 11
Feb 8, 2013 5:00pm EST
to make sure to get up there before it's crazier. >> reporter: luke runyan, who coaches the university of maryland boxing team. >> for me, because i made plans that were not refundable, i'm still hing -- heading up. my team they're concerned with the safety of the students and they're going to cancel the event tomorrow. >> reporter: here at reagan national, planes are moving but plenty of flights are grounded. >> and our flight was cancelled and we don't know what to do. >> any other flightd to touchdown? >> no, there is no flight. >> reporter: this couple heading to canada but the airport in toronto is closed. >> and we go to the hotel. we don't know. don't know anything and so -- >> you can't get to toronto by megabus. it's cancelled service to all of its new england destinations, including new york. at last check, amtrak said its service between d.c. and new york is running on to or close to schedule. shawn. >> and what a mess. bob barnard, thank you. >>> the snow started earlier in new england, including boston, which is preparing to be hit hard. ted daniel from the sister station
Feb 23, 2013 12:00am EST
some other actors-- they're older actors, usually, who only read the scenes they're in. i'm luke. who are you playing? or we're not in the scene together? nice to meet you. it did kind of backfire on me, though. i went for a wardrobe fitting. this is going back for the second season and i went in and just talking about with the wardrobe person what we're going to wear. and she said, "maybe for scene where you find out your wife is having an affair you could have this jacket on since you're outside." and i said, "what are you talking about, having an affair?" so i didn't know about it. ( laughter ) yeah, and i was-- i took it very personally, not even-- forget the character. i was offended. so laura den started seeing this other guy. they said "you didn't know about it?" i said, "no, i didn't know about it. i most certainly did not know about it." and i said, well, okay, who's the guy?" "oh, it's dermot pupowny, do you know him?" "yeah, i know him. we're friends. he played my brother in a movie but i guess it's an all bets are off type deal with dermot." i just slumped in a chair and
Feb 25, 2013 1:00pm PST
that, and we must set aside this false choice the president is proffering. >> i'd like to bring in luke russert. luke, i didn't hear speaker boehner or eric cantor mention once the fact that two months ago speaker boehner offered $800 billion in the form of revenues via tax loopholes. what happened to that? >> reporter: they would tell you that was part of a larger possible grand bargain deal on the table then. this is now. that's off the table, and really what you heard right there -- >> how is it off the table, luke? how is it off the table? >> because they concede that after the fiscal cliff deal of january 1st, the year started anew and all the negotiations begin anew and it was the new 113th congress. that's the mindset you're seeing. you're seeing a lot of same attacks against the president we have heard before. you remember during 2012 and the latter part of 2011, what did the gop say? obama is in campaign mode. he's in campaign mode. he's checked out. he's not trying to work with us. they're trying to drum this up again. and it remains to be seen how it works. it didn't work ver
Feb 26, 2013 1:00pm PST
's luke russert joins us live from capitol hill. luke, again, senator john mccain was full of considerable bluster, but vowed to move forward presumably the white house is now pleased and relieved at this outcome? >> reporter: yes, indeed, martin. earlier today there was a cloture vote on chuck hagel. this is essentially what we knew last week is that republicans were going to hold up the eventual askengs of chuck hagel to become defense secretary in case there was anything in his past that could damn him. seven days later apparently there's nothing in his past so they're comfortable moving forward. he's expected to be confirmed probably within the next five minutes. you can even have it in this block if we're so fortunate. >> does that not prove that the whole nonsense around the nomination process on this man was simply invented? it was theatrics. there was no substance. it's the same as the friends of hamas. shall are they? >> reporter: i think it does show that the republican strategy was to try to bloody him as much as possible with the belief if they were able to do it enough he woul
Feb 21, 2013 2:00pm EST
at 51%. bloomberg poll puts the ratding at a three-year high, 55%. joining me now live nbc's luke russert, live on capitol hill. when's the latest on this new development of perhaps outreach here? >> there's outreach, tamron. the president contacted house speaker john boehner and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. no details on the wall but eight days away. it would take a real miracle for congress as of right now, it is acting like not a care in the world to move on something as enormous as the sequester, replacing it in eight days and looking like will happen and house republicans are fine with this so far, is that the sequester goes in to effect and that the new baseline for a new budget the rest of this year will be a more favorable number to house conservatives and that's very wonky and they see going forward with sequester, they want the cuts they want and the lower number. might not get everything specifically related to defense but going to negotiate this future government shut down slated for march 27th, they have a stronger negotiating potential with the new number
Feb 8, 2013 1:00pm PST
, those are oxymorons, authorized leak. >> for more we first now go to nbc's luke russert who is live for us at the white house. luke, i want to get to the brennan hearing in a moment. but, first, the president wants to replace secretary panetta -- the man he wants to replace panetta with, chuck hagel, is having his confirmation held up. now, can you explain inwhat this is about? what's happened? >> reporter: sure. well, the vote for chuck hagel to be confirmed has to come out of the senate armed services committee, and republicans there have asked mr. hagel for really some intense background questions as to whether or not he has been paid by any company that has dealings with foreign companies in the last five years. they want to have all the records about anything that he's been paid $5,000 or more through speeches or various things over the last few years. karl kevin thoucarl levin thoug the ranking member for 26 years, says this has been unprecedented by republicans. they're really going after all this information because they simply want to delay mr. hagel. he released a letter t
Feb 13, 2013 9:00am PST
, america, to our tri party democracy. joining the panel now, nbc luke russert. >> proud to be here. >> just in the building. >> you're not relieving chuck todd -- >> the handing of the baton. luke, let's talk about the rand paul -- marco rubio first. he was just gracing the cover of "time." to do the state of the union. it's a blessing and a curse to paraphrase jay-z. the problems that he was having with water and hydration in general. >> let's first address the water thing, as somebody who often perspires on camera which is due to the intense heat that is given off by the lights. i've been in that room wheres he is, the speaker's ceremonial office. it can get hot in there. charlie crist walks around with a fan. marco rubio should emulate that. >> what i found interesting, it's off this gop matches the canter that it seems to be putting forward which is making america work for. you that we're not going to get in these budget battles. we want to try to move away from this, you know, we're out to help the rich folks or the consumer protection bureau. we're in fact trying to save this democrac
Feb 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
over from the in aa -- lapd.he 69-year old margaret luke hit christopher young on a motorcycle. to anotheronding crash. the trial is scheduled for july. a we are learning more about that exploded. more than 1000 people were hurt. meteor that a exploded. wondering what would happen if that happened here. meteor need your -- have covered the equator. it was a blinding flash of light. then shock waves that shattered windows, not down walls, and injured 1000 people. they are bombing, this man shouted. not a bomb or a missile, but a your ton bus size to meet -- bus-sized meteor. >> what a wondrous universe we live in. >> the asteroid is a small blip on this nasa feed on these -- at the space museum. it came within 17,000 miles of earth. >> it is incredible. it makes me think the government to blastep funding how things, maybe. >> all of these made us wonder, ?hat if, you know, on a house >> the insurance agents says you good,-be deductible. -- the insurance agent says you minus the deductible. >> it is something to think about it your home gets struck meteor. nasa says there were no
Feb 19, 2013 11:00pm EST
luke -- major- league baseball and were used for muscle growth. he has been cleared of any wrongdoing. he has been saying this from the get go. >> he has been. new at all of the clock, the possible murder of a woman who was killed and her apartment was set on fire. the victim was pregnant. this revelation comes a day after she was found in an apartment. jay korff is now live. he has got the latest on this twist. >> the latest development that this victim was pregnant at the time of her death was reallyrattling this community. monday's fire at this complex shattered grass -- glass and damaged property. they found a female homicide victim with trauma to her up for bader -- upper body. a new twist. 38-year-old jennifer was pregnant. neighbors are aghast at this latest development. >> it is awful to think of a person thinking one life. but taking the life of a person with an unborn child is hard to even imagine. >> they just told me she was pregnant. it brought tears to my eyes tearing. >> it is unbelievable. especially in this town. >> residents heard yelling inside the apartment. a few
Feb 13, 2013 5:30pm EST
of st. lukes lane. he was taken to the hospital and is in serious condition. he is expected to survive. >>> pope benedict xvi shocked everyone with the sudden announcement of his retirement and today is the last ash wednesday mass he will celebrate. it's the last major celebration before he steps down at the end of the month. for the people it was a special moment. >> it was emotional to be there. it was something special. >> new before mass pope benedict made his first public appearance since announcing his rest sig flaismghts cruds cleared for him. his successor will be chosen at a conclave last month. >> while the pope is celebrating the last ash wednesday, the archbishop is celebrating his first as the archbishop of baltimore. he led a midday mass and is currently celebrating mass at the cathedral of mayor our queen -- mary our queen. >>> president obama is on the roadworking to reenforce his plan. >> the bulk of his message focused on the economy. the president wants to stimulate the economy. republicans are sceptical. >> to reignite true engine of american economic growth, a thri
Feb 8, 2013 10:00pm EST
temporarily cancelling certain routes between d.c., new york, rhode island, connecticut and more. luke runion who coaches a boxing team in new york is hoping to make it home on a bus. >> i'm still heading up because i've made plans that are not refundable, but my team due to the school and the safety of the students are going to cancel the event tomorrow and i understand that. >> reporter: meanwhile at reagan national airport planes were moving, but plenty of flights to some northern destinations are grounded. many of those diverted passengers like jillian mitchell and her 1-year-old some fletcher on amtrak scrambling to make it to their destination despite the storm of the century. >> we got the text last night our flight to new york was canceled. so we were diverted here and then waited a few hours and hopefully training it up. >> amtrak scheduled trips to new york running on schedule tonight, a bit of good news to this very challenging travel day. >>> let's take a closer look at the situation in boston. reporter heather hedges from our sister station there continues our team coverage toni
Feb 22, 2013 10:00am PST
on the blossom trail, luke's almond acres. continuing luke's agricultural traditi, this family farm's country store offers nuts, fruits, and chocolates, all in a beautiful almond orchard setting th is primed for educational opportunities about farm life at go bend the granola. >> so here's our trail mix that you guys will be making. we have a variety of driedruits and nuts as well as chocole, Écause you have to have chocolate in it. >> you've always heard these stories about people that live in the big cities and they go on these--and you ask them, "well, where do you buy--where does milk come from?" "oh, from the grocery store." "where does the egg come from?" "from thgrocery store." you know, i think these ople have the right to know where this stuff comes fro. >> but before any of this fabulousood even es up on the trees, much less my stomach, the orchards are helped out byhis man, brian beekman. you see, with more than 40 million blossoming almond trees throughout the central valley, there is a lot of work tdo. it's anxciting, action-packed me of the year as bee keepers bring in their wi
Feb 16, 2013 12:00am EST
an academy award again. >> maybe, here's hoping. >> dave: paul, would you luke to drive out to queens with me to be lifted? >> paul: absolutely, i'm there. are you kidding? >> dave: but do you understand any of that? >> i don't, but i think he was being of service so i'm on his team. ( laughter ) ( applause ) x-it's all above board, no horse play, no hanky-panky, no looking up the-- none of that? >> i don't think so. desmond tutu. >> dave: oh, that's right, desmond tutu. listen, helen, it would be nice to see you win this award again. that would be great. it's "the sessions." it's in theaters now and you can get it on the... you can get it on the blu-ray version, and there she is, lovely as always, academy award winner, helen hunt. helen, god bless you. how have you been, all right? >> i've been good. >> dave: nice to see you. ♪ ♪ ( applause ) what's a few? she said, "i think it's eight." she showed up with four file boxes of paperwork. "here, take my stuff and figure it out." i will do that for you. it's a mental challenge. it's a puzzle. but getting you the maximum refund- that's what
Feb 28, 2013 12:00pm PST
. >> covered from both sides of washington. nbc's peter alexander at the white house and luke russert on the hill. peter, what is the mood? >> reporter: appreciate the final countdown music, krystal. any point tomorrow the president can sign the order and goes in to effect. press secretary jay carney indicated at the briefing that the president is, quote, ever hopeful. but as you have the private conversations with aides here at the white house, they make it very clear they're continuing to focus on the same priority which is to try to convince the american public that compromise, a balanced approach, is the way to go on this. hoping that the public ultimately will influence congress. congressional republicans to back down from their positions right now. you know, we do as we head in to tomorrow have been focusing on this is happening sort of like an overnight thing but the white house is almost backed off that language to some degree and just yesterday the president said last evening before an event with the business council, he said this is not a cliff but more like a tumble downwar
Feb 25, 2013 4:30pm PST
plan that is safe for us. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisor. my name is luke -- i'm one of the owners and the property manner of a small office building on 9th street in west soma. i am here today to ask for your consideration in amending section 803.9a back to it's original state, which would allow all 11 article 1-5. i have seen the benefit of what these tech companis have done to the mid-market area and specifically the 9th and 10 street corridors, which are more traffic-oriented. a lot of these companies are energy etic and bring life to the streets. we're seeing transforation along our corridor, albeit a very early stage. my fear is if these tenants can't find permitted use they will relocate elsewhere and if they do our revitalization of the neighborhood would be lost. i would ask you to consider amendmenting this section back to its original state to allow all article 11 buildings, articles 1-5. >> i will call the last four speaker cards that have i. [ reading speakers' names ] >> thank you, mr. parking bolton. >> good afternoon supervisors mark b
Feb 10, 2013 10:00am EST
on lockwood drive in wwite oak. police say 14-yeer-old jonathon agui-luke was watching his little ssster -3 when he began beating her.... officcals say thh boy told police that he covered her nose and moutt in an attempt toostop her frommcryinn. home, she founn the child unresponsive. investiggtors are charging the 14-year old as an adult. 3&p and... police in new orleans this morninn are prying to tack down the shoooer who pened fire into a prowd on bourbon street. -four people wounded as gunfire erupted during mmrdi gras actiiities last night. at &pthis hour....officials say one person is in criiical condition. the streets were they celebrated the days beeore fat tuesday. police - say they re using surveillance video and cell phone video to help them ffndd a susppct. &p3 pooice in howwrd &pcounty are asking for our help in trackkng down a hit - and run suspect. on was walking tooworr cedar lane in columbia. when he attempted to cross the streee &phe was uddenly hht y car. lester says now he 3&pres
Feb 1, 2013 4:30am EST
. they were more interested in playing with one another. luke cute they are. >>> going to sports, upset in college basketball, number 9 butler bulldogs outplayed in the paint. home team st. louis surprised butler 75-68. number 8 alabama squeaked out a win over washington 57-53. it's arizona's first win in washington in six years. in golf, phil mickelson just missed making history in the opening round of the phoenix open. the last hole birdie ended up out of the cup and he had to settle for a 60. only five players in pga history have shot a 59. >>> snowmobiler caleb moore has died after a crash at the x games in colorado. initially, he walked away from the crash with a concussion. later he had emergency surgery for a heart contusion and suffered a brain complication. moore was 25 years old. >>> and beckham signed with a club in paris. owned by the government in qatar. >>> and from the world of animals predicting super bowl champions we've got a grizzly bear named ozzie from the zoo in montana given a choice of two banana pies. one marked for each of the two teams. he ate the ravens pie w
Feb 22, 2013 11:30pm PST
and that is why to get the campus to be built at ucsc. general hospital, st. lukes mission bay, they are building and they will be finished in probably a year and-a-half and a couple of years and these are incredible anchors to the healthcare industry along with the what regents and others are doing in the pharmaceutical research and design areas and we are going in the healthcare pharmaceutical health design area very rapidly and the tourism these incredible international events that we host whether it's blue grass or america's cup or world series we are going to continue to try to get those huge hereto and the super bowl that is a bay area play poshly with the capping olympic and is the world soccer can possible be here as well and i'm trying to organize the first international pink pong tournament to come here and so hospital amount x healthcare industry and construction of course, is very strong and construction is very correct me if i'm wrong strong and clear tech and clean tech companies are growing again investors from other countries including china are suggesting that they would like to
Feb 12, 2013 11:00pm EST
county area. we know a person was shot here on st. luke's lane. they were taken to the hospital so stay with o' over night for if latest on this. >> you just heard the president talk about guns in the state of the union. he waited until the last few minutes to talk about the issue. he pushed for more change including background change t. president acknowledged there is no perfect solution. >> our actions will not prevent every senseless act of violence in this country. in fact no laws, no initiatives, no administrative acts will perfectly solve all of the problems i've out lined tonight. but we were never sent here to be perfect. we were sent here to make what difference we can. >> and the president also talked about job can say and strengthening the middle class. >> and the reaction was as expected. marco rubio gave the official gop response. rubio'sspeech was peppered with hints of his own history. >> you have a chance this weekend to have your opinions on gun violence heard. it's a bit of a hike from here but representative andy a- harris is holding a town hall meet
Feb 12, 2013 12:00pm EST
believe -- authorities believe that the st. luke's episcopal church suffered minor damage. >>> president obama is calling north korea's latest test of a nuclear bomb a highly provocative act. right now the united nations security council is holding an emergency meeting after an underground test caused the jolt that was equivalent to a 4.9 magnitude earthquake. >> reporter: diplomats arrived at the united nations for a closed door emergency meeting. they're discussing how to respond to north korea's announcement that it has tested another nuclear bomb. it happened at an underground facility last night. the type of device has not been confirmed. u.s. officials say there are indications that north korea is planning to test another bomb knowing that a punishment from the u.n. is coming. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice is condemning the test. >> the actions of north korea are a threat to regional peace and security, international peace and security and they are not acceptable. they will not be tolerated and they will be met with north korea's increasing isolation. >> reporter: in decem
Feb 21, 2013 12:00am EST
." looking like luke a dead raccoon. and then they were like, "are you worried about the fact that you might not have a job?" and i was like, "what are you-- what do you mean?" and they said, "because lena dunham said he was going to kill you off." >> dave: you don't need to hear that. > that. >> that's how i found out about that. and i wrote one of our writers and asked if i should be dreaming of elevator shafts. >> dave: did they reassure you? >> they said, we'll get back to you on that." >> dave: let's take that as a vote of confidence. >> and "maybe" is better than a "no." >> dave: i mean, but people on your show aren't getting killed off, are they? >> so far, so good. we're all still kicking. we were a young krowrkdun. >> dave: it seems to me it's not the kind of thing that would happen t "the girls." >> you never know. >> dave: no, you never do know. you're right about that. >> you really don't. >> dave: you were born in vermont jiefs, yes. > yes. >> we still have a house there expnjt then you moved to los angeles. your father is a playwrite, director, david mamet. >> yes. >> dave: and
Feb 11, 2013 3:00pm PST
's left to do is say thanks. easy. ♪ ♪ what we need are people okay. >> cenk: okay nor nor luke luke james james, sean san chan chan shanna to help make sure everyone's ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ ♪ >> given the big news from the vatican today, it would be a sin if we didn't hear from our favorite jewish contributor, the product of seven years of catholic education. here to give us in sight on the past, present and future of the papacy is our own brett erlich. everybody calm down, brett's talking now. >> yes the pope is going to resign leaving millions to wonder, what are you
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Feb 19, 2013 4:00pm PST
the streets are now blocked off around st. luke's medical center a trauma center in kansas city where it's believed they have taken multiple injured victims. much more as breaking news continues. first, a deal to send drones to the middle east. a defense official for the united arab emirates that country has agreed to buy $200 million of unarmed predator drones from an american contractor. it will be the first time they sold the controversial drones to an arab ally but they are designed for surveillance only not to carry weapons. it suggests the united states and ally are attempting to keep closer watch on iran which is 35 miles from the country from the strait have hormuz. jennifer griffin is live in the pentagon. why is the u.s. now selling this technology? >> reporter: saudi arabia and united arab emirates have been asking the pentagon to buy drones and drone technology for some time. they haven't been granted that permission. what seems to have changed the equation and the thinking here in the pentagon and elsewhere in the u.s. government is in fact iran. the situation with the gulf
Feb 11, 2013 6:00am PST
in the congress to bring them around. and bringing us in is susan page and raj majue and luke russert. and susan, in the last six weeks, it has been about every issue except for the economy, but after tomorrow night, i am told it is clear, and no, no, they are focussed on the economy. >> well, he has to focus on the economy and how do you do immigration if the economy tanks, and so with that, that is necessary but not sufficient. because this is in a way his last domestic state of the union address. if he is going to make big initiatives on other issues which you know he wants to do, this is the opportunity. a year from now, what are we talking about? the 2016 field and not about him. >> well, probably. you know, although i think that the next state of union will say, this is the last state of the union before the official start of 2016, but right on the doe mesic side. and look, it seems that there are two ways that this state of the union and the two story of the state of union frames and one is the laundry list stuff and the big agenda, and the next is what the next six weeks looks like and t
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